Welcome to my website, where you can get acquainted with my work and my motives. As a child (born in IJmuiden, The Netherlands / 1961) I was already very fascinated by primal forms, as I mentioned them much later. Forms that in all simplicity bring the often complicated life back to the essence. As an autodidactic artist, I have found my way on the basis of these primal forms. That way, on the one hand, translates my work into abstract forms, in which my search for simplicity is reflected and on the other hand in abstracted sea works and landscapes, in which the island of Texel has a strong overtone and in which that simplicity seems to have been found. It is an interesting question for me: what remains of mankind when he surrounds himself with simplicity? One could also see my works as a mirror that shows the structures of mankind, the structures within which people behave, or does not behave. Man with on the one hand - in all simplicity - his blueprint and on the other hand the life that he - often complicated - gives form to. As far as my art is concerned, the play of color, division and composition keeps my constant attention. As far as my words are concerned, I strive for meaningful simplicity. Furthermore, in my work it is always the same story: it is about faith, hope and love. Have fun watching the website. If you want to respond, you can do so via info@roelbrakenhoff.nl

Roel Brakenhoff